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MP 262-264 °C(lit.)
alpha 75 º (c=1, dioxane)
refractive index 76 ° (C=1, Dioxane)
storage temp.
Solubility ethanol: 1 mg/mL
Water Solubility 10 mg/100 mL (25 ºC)
Stability Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, acid anhydrides, acid chlorides. May be light sensitive.
Side effect Dexamethasone is a artificially synthetic glucocorticoid, belonging to a long-term glucocorticoid drugs. Glucocorticoids can promote the metabolism of the three major nutrients while preventing protein synthesis with long-term topical being able to causing more serious consequences. However, the adverse effects should be much smaller than oral medication. Common side effects of systemic corticosteroid include:
It can cause stomach discomfort and increased sensitivity to stomach ulcers.
It can Increase the appetite and results in a significant increase in body weight.
Potential patients with diabetes: glucose intolerance in patients with aggravating existing diabetes.
It can cause mental illness including personality changes, irritability, agitation, and mania.
It can be used for the long-term treatment of osteoporosis: pathological fractures (such as hip).
It can cause elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver degeneration (usually reversible).
For patients of nephrotic syndrome, applying long-term high-dose medication is likely to cause large side effects such as gastrointestinal ulcers and avascular necrosis. For treatment of nephrotic syndrome, it is better to apply prednisone acetate tablets.
Dexamethasone can be used for the treatment of high altitude cerebral edema and pulmonary edema. Upon climbing expeditions, people can apply it to alleviate altitude sickness.
Combination with marbofloxacin and clotrimazole, etc. can be used for treating the ear infection and allergies of a dog or a bird.
General Description Odorless white to off-white crystalline powder with a slightly bitter taste.
Air & Water Reactions Insoluble in water.
Reactivity Profile Dexamethasone may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to light. Dexamethasone is incompatible with strong oxidizers, strong acids, acid chlorides and acid anhydrides. Oxidation may occur with bases.
Fire Hazard Flash point data for Dexamethasone are not available; however, Dexamethasone is probably combustible.
Biological Activity Glucocorticoid; anti-inflammatory. Reduces levels of activated NF- κ B in immature dendritic cells (DCs) and inhibits differentiation into mature DCs.
Application It is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy purpose which is suitable for treating rheumatoid arthritis and other collagen diseases.
Usage Dexamethasone is a glucocorticoid used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Dexamethasone regulates T cell survival, growth, and differentiation. Dexamethasone inhibits the induction of nitric oxide synthas e.
Character White or almost white crystalline powder Almost white crystalline powder
Specific +75° to +80° +77.0°
Identification (1) Complies by IR
(2) Complies by TLC
Principal Impurity  Not more than 0.5%        
Total Impurities Not more than 1.0%
Loss on drying Not more than 0.5% 0.1%
Assay Contains 97.0% to 103.0% of C22H20FO5 Calculated on dried basis 100.1%
Conclusion The goods conforms to corporation standard 3 (BP2007/EP5)

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